MUST 112 Possible Final Exam Replacement

In class on Thursday, March 27, I mentioned a different way I could assess you in place of a final exam.

We will do our regular Test No. 3 for Chapters 16 and 17 on Tuesday April 22. During the final exam a week later, I usually give a longer written exam that includes tasks very similar to ones on all three previous tests from the semester. For example, part writing six-four chords, figured bass part writing, analysis includes chords we've learned, writing V7, writing harmonic sequences.

The different way would be like a jury or a practical exam. You would each sign up for a 10-minute slot during the final exam time. I would give you in advance a long part writing and a medium-length analysis covering most of what we've done during this semester. You would complete these tasks before your jury.

When you arrived for your jury, you would sit with me in my office and explain to me how you completed each task and answer any questions I had about it, and make any corrections I deem necessary. Time permitting, I may also ask you to complete basic tasks similar to ones we've done on HW, quizzes, or tests. For example, part writing a neighbor six-four chord surrounded by tonic chords in F major.

Now this jury would still be worth 25% of the final grade, just like the written final would have been. Also, remember that this kind of grading would be more subjective than the written test. You would have to trust me to make a fair judgement of your abilities and knowledge in 10 minutes with you in a room. (I do this regularly in aural skills classes.) I have seen your work throughout the semester and have a pretty good idea of what it is you can do already and what you have trouble with.

So let me know what you think. Be honest. I have no preference.

Let me know if have any questions.

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