Grand Canyon Community Support
Assessing services and needs during COVID-19

NPS has created a Community Task Force which meets daily. We are trying to gather information to better understand what needs you may have and to see if we can assist. Please take a moment to answer the following questions - not all questions are required but please make sure you submit at the bottom of the form so any answers you provide are included.
Where do you live? *
Do you or someone else in your household work in Tusayan?
How many people in your household?
Are there children under 18 in your household?
Are you currently working? *
Is your employer still paying you?
Do you still have health insurance benefits?
Have you signed up for one of the local food banks?
My employer is providing low cost meals.
Where are you shopping for food? (check all that apply)
My employer is charging rent (this may include water/electricity)
I am responsible for my electric bill (it is directly billed from APS to me/family member)
I am responsible for my water bill
I am experiencing transportation issues for (check all that apply)
I have access to a laundry machine to do laundry
Unemployment benefits (UI) (check all that apply) Please note the State is still working on how to distribute additional $600 federal benefits.
Currently I receive information on community resources/events (check all that apply)
Internet (choose the best answer that describes your situation)
COVID-19 (check all that apply)
Has there been a change in anxiety in your household?
Anxiety/tension in your household (please describe)
Have you been able to stay compliant with your medication and health care routines?
I am looking for additional resources on (check all that apply - your information will be directly shared with an agency that can assist and held confidentially)
I would like to volunteer to help out in the Community
Name, Phone, email (if you are in need of assistance or want to volunteer please provide your contact information below)
Your answer
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