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As Story Circle Network (SCN) enters its 27th year it's time for the Board to take a deep look at what is working well, what can be improved, and what can be added to our broad body of support to writers and readers.  Our Network is unusually rich in programs and offerings from publishing opportunities, to writing support, to awards, webinars, classes, foreign travel, newsletters, journals and more. Your responses here will help us continue to provide excellence in the years to come. 

This survey should take you approximately 15 minutes to complete. Please make sure you hit the SUBMIT button at the end to ensure your responses are collected. 

Please note, that this information is for Board planning purposes and will not be shared with any other organization. Thank you.
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1. Please tell us your name
2. What is your relationship with Story Circle Network
3. Tell us about your reading and writing community
4. If you are a writer, what do you write?
5. As a reader, what do you read?
6. Help us see who you are.
7. Let us know where you live.  Please include CITY, STATE, AND/OR COUNTRY in the "other" field.
8. How much do you interact with SCN?
9. SCN offers a wide array of opportunities for the writing community.  Please let us know the value you place on each of the items below.
Very important
Unfamiliar with this offering
I'd like to learn more
Contests and Awards
Quarterly "Journal"
Monthly "Flash"
Publishing opportunities - our anthologies, True Words, SCN blogs
Writing support with E-Circle
Writing support with Roundtable Writing/Critique Support
SCN Member Library
Foreign Travel Writing Retreat and Tour
Read book reviews
Write book reviews
Serve as a judge in SCN contest
The opportunity to teach webinars/classes
10. SCN is perhaps best known for its classes and webinars.  We are interested in understanding what makes these programs work for you.
Reasonable/works for me
Too high/too often/too cumbersom
Unimportant to me
Doesn't work for me
Time of day
Registration process (signing up)
Payment method
11. What type of classes or webinars are of the greatest interest to you?
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important
Writing Fiction
Writing Memoir
Writing Non-Fiction
Writing - Journaling
Writing - Skill building/creative writing
Writing - Doing the research
Publishing - How To
Marketing - How To
Media Training - Interacting on podcasts and more
Social Media - Creating Community
Websites - Building and Using
In-Person Retreats and Worksops
Other - please let us know in the comment below.
12. If SCN offered a series of courses, webinars, or special offerings that awarded credit or a certificate upon completion, would this impact your decision to register for them?
Clear selection
13. SCN cares about your connection to the group.  Please respond to the prompts below and let us know about your experience in the comments space at the bottom of the survey.
Strongly Agree
Somewhat Agree
Do Not Agree
I feel like I am an active and welcomed member of SCN
I feel connected to SCN.
I was welcomed to the group when I joined.
I feel I knew/got guidance on how to connect and get involved when I joined.
I am still not really clear on how I can get more involved
14. What membership/enrollment status works best for you?
15. SCN has a broad group of members, friends and writing sisters.  Help us understand what you value most about your engagement with SCN. Mark as many as pertinent.
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important
A writing community to build friendships and support
Growing my skills as a writer
Learning how to publish and market my work
Opportunites to publish in SCN publications.
Clear selection
16. SCN offers many ways for you to be involved.  Please let us know if you would be interested in any of these volunteer opportunities.
17. SCN strives to provide programming that serves our members. Of the options listed below, what would you be likely to participate in or find useful?
Yes! Please offer this!
Not interested.
In-person conference/retreat focused on writing
Local-to-me meet-up/networking groups
An SCN podcast.
Other - please comment at the end of the survey
Clear selection
18. Communications are vital. Where are you most active and where do you engage with SCN most often?
SCN Website(s)
I am most active on
I engage most with SCN on
Clear selection
19. SCN is an active leader in the writing and reading community and we often collaborate with other organizations to build diversity and strength to programs.  Please let us know which organizations you also look to for membership and reading/writing support.
20. Supporting others . . .  Over the years, SCN has partnered with and supported other non-profit organizations with their mission.  We are considering expanding this work in the coming year. Please suggest a not for profit organization with name AND WEBSITE that you think would be a good match for our efforts and aligned with our mission. 
Comments - add further information from above, or tell us if you have more to say, or have a question or an idea to share. Please tell us what primary need SCN is meeting in your reader/writer life and what primary need are we NOT meeting.
Finish up by hitting submit!  Thank you!
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