2019 - 2020 Junior/Senior Release Request Form
Board Policy 5200: No student shall leave his/her building while school is in session without permission from their parent and the building principal. Pupils are required to be in their assigned program, classes, or activities at all times during the school day.

Unless approved by the Principal based on a written request by the parent(s), ninth and tenth grade high school students may not leave school premises during the school day, including lunch period. Building administration may allow juniors and seniors who have demonstrated a high level of maturity and personal responsibility to leave school premises for the lunch period and up to one class period, if they do not have a class scheduled during that period. Students given this privilege must have parent permission and must either leave the campus or report to an administratively assigned area. Parents of minor students may revoke this privilege for any reason at any time. The administration may revoke this privilege for educational or disciplinary reasons at any time. Appropriate exceptions to the above closed campus requirements may be made by the Principal for students with special class schedules.

If you have any questions regarding the guidelines of Junior/Senior release, please call Student Services at 262-970-3932.

Releases will be evaluated periodically during progress/grading reports.

If a student is failing a course or is behind on an eAchieve course or has ongoing tardiness or truancy, the student's release may be revoked for an indefinite period of time. Any student who failed a course in the previous semester must maintain good academic standing until the progress report date prior to being granted a release.
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