IdeaLife Assembly and Campus: Application Form
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Lake at the IdeaLife Campus
Assembly and Housing Application Form
This is the application form for the IdeaLife Campus. We will be delighted to receive your application, and to welcome you to this campus with its very special feeling and environment.

This application form is for TM Meditators, Sidhas, and TM Teachers.

* = a required question
Desired Arrival Date
Desired Departure Date *
Type of accommodation requested
Suites (Each suite has a bedroom and a sitting room.)
2-Room Suites (1 or 2 persons) *
If you are applying for a suite, please choose one of the following options. (FOR GROUP RATES, PLEASE INQUIRE DIRECTLY) (Note: International Sponsorship Program (ISP) accommodation may be subsidized according to the current ISP level. Please inquire.)
Second person in Suite? *
Please put the name of the person you will be sharing a suite with, if any. (If no one, please put N/A.)
Suite conditions *
Please note as follows: some suites are made available on a daily rate and some on a monthly basis. In the case of suites which are made available on a monthly basis, if you depart after the beginning of a month there is no refund, or you may pay the daily rate for the partial month, whichever is less.
Cottages (Each cottage has 2 bedrooms) *
Cottage conditions *
Please note as follows: 1. The cottages are made available on a month-to-month basis. This means that if you depart after the beginning of a month there is no refund. 2. The cottages are made available for periods of six (6) months or longer only. If you choose to leave within six months, you will be charged for one full extra month in addition to the month in which you depart. 3. Demand for the cottages is high, but the Assembly Fees are low, and the campus functions on a very tight budget. If you pay an Advance Assembly Fee to hold a cottage but then change your mind, 33% of the Advance Assembly Fee is non-refundable.
Other stuff
I understand that IF I am planning to stay 6 months or longer I will need to pay a one-month Advance Assembly Fee. *
This is to cover any damages or extra charges incurred, but is otherwise refundable.
Artists' rendition of the cottages at ILA when completed.
First Name *
Middle Name(s)
Last Name *
Birth Date
Home Phone
Mobile Phone *
Names you've used in the past.
(For example: maiden name.)
Occupation *
TM Status *
(Yes, "status" is an odd word to use here, but we couldn't think of a better one. But trust us, it's not about who is better than who.)
TM Center
(The city name of the TM Center you were most recently associated with)
Is there somebody we know who knows you?
We do need to find out a little bit about you before accepting your application. We're sure you will understand that checking everyone out beforehand -- just a little bit -- makes the IdeaLife Campus a more comfortable and enjoyable place for all the participants who are accepted. Please let us know the names of the two TM Teachers you are most well known to, so we can give one or both of them a call. The real reason for asking for two names is because sometimes it's difficult to get hold of the first one, and we don't want to keep you waiting. This is not a compulsory question. If you don't know two TM Teachers, that's okay. But assuming you know at least one, please write his or her name and contact details below.
First TM Teacher who knows you
First TM Teacher's mobile phone number.
If he or she doesn't give out their mobile number, a landline will be okay, but that usually just slows things up, so a mobile number will be better.
First TM Teacher's email address
Second TM Teacher who knows you
Second TM Teacher's mobile phone number
(or landline in a pinch)
Second TM Teacher's email address
Another possibility: An MUM faculty member or administrator who knows you.
In case you are not known to any TM Teachers, you might be known to an MUM faculty member or administrator. If so, please put his or her name here:
MUM faculty member's or administrator's mobile phone number
MUM faculty member's or administrator's email address
Date of your first instruction in TM *
(Approximate is okay) What a great day that was!
TM Teacher
(if you remember) You might have forgotten his or her name, but if you're like us you'll always feel grateful to that special person.
More Boring Stuff
Other proposed Assembly participant
To help us assign your room, please give the name of anyone who will be accompanying you. (Please ask them to fill out this Assembly housing application form also, separately.) If no one is accompanying you, please put N/A. (Thanks.)
Relationship to you (of other proposed participant)
Birth Date (of other proposed occupant)
I understand that if I am a Sidha or Governor I must have been accepted to the Invincible America Assembly (i.e., have a current Dome Badge) prior to arrival. *
This question does not apply to Meditators.
Are you intending to apply (or have you already applied) for the Settle Grant or the Settle International Sponsorship? *
Do you understand that this is a smoke-free campus? *
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Have you understood that IAA participants on this campus are required to cook for themselves, or share cooking with other participants, (or eat out)? *
The cottages are completely self contained, so you'll have your own kitchen. The suite buildings have one kitchen shared between four suites. We try to supply enough cooking equipment that multiple people can cook at the same time. It's not perfect, but for the privilege of living in this marvellous environment (and at these prices), hey, it's well worth it.
Captionless Image
Have you understood that Assembly participants on this campus are responsible for own transportation? *
This campus is 6.5 miles from the MUM campus and Fairfield.
Captionless Image
Your vehicle: please tell us the make, model, color, plate #
Parking: I promise not to park on the grass, even a tiny little bit. *
Thank you for your help with this. There are parking lots provided. Parking on the grass damages not only the grass but also piping, cabling, and drainage systems.
Captionless Image
Have you understood that there is a standard housing agreement form to be signed on arrival? *
There is WiFi in campus buildings. Are you OK with that? *
Captionless Image
We have a strict no-pets policy on this campus. Do you agree to that? (Fish in tanks are excepted.) *
Captionless Image
Artist's rendition of the ILA campus when complete
I understand that oil massage (abhyanga) is not permitted on the campus. *
Unfortunately, oil massage — "abhyanga," important and valuable though it is, is not permitted in any of the campus buildings. The reasons for this are that a) the damage caused to carpets by inadvertent but inevitable spills has been found to be prohibitively expensive for the operation of the campus; b) placing of oil-soaked fabric, towels etc, in any kind of bins creates a danger of spontaneous combustion, as does drying of such fabric in drying machines; and c) any migration of oils into the wastewater system is again prohibitively expensive to remedy. Thanks for your understanding.
I understand that the campus is divided into two discrete sections *
The IdeaLife Campus is separate from the Maharishi Vedic Pandit campus.
I understand that check-in time is from 3:00 pm and check-out time is 11:00 am *
Mailing Address Line 1 *
(An address which is not the IdeaLife Campus)
Mailing Address Line 2
City (or District) *
State (U.S.A.) / Province (Canada etc.) / Region *
If your country is not divided into states or provinces, just put "n/a"
Zip Code / Mailing Code *
If your country does not have mailing codes, just put "n/a"
Country *
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International Sponsorship Program of the Settle Foundation (ISP) *
If you will be on the Settle Foundation International Sponsorship Program (ISP), you can apply to receive free housing accommodation. You will need to purchase your own food. Please inquire.
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Thank You!
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this long and tedious form. We didn't want it to be so long and bureaucratic. Life wasn't meant to be like this! But we do appreciate your perseverance and we're very much looking forward to hosting you on our beautifully silent and restful facility.
Please don't forget to press the "Submit" button below.
Aerial View of the IdeaLife Campus
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