Adoption Application
The first step in the adoption process is to fill out an adoption application. Once our adoption team receives and reviews your application, we will be in touch. You are also welcome to contact us at

If you have trouble filling the application out on your phone, you may also access the form here:
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Veterinarian Name and Vet Clinic
What do you expect to spend for veterinary services each year for your rabbit(s)?
What are your plans for your bunny's housing? Please be detailed in describing the living area size, location, etc. *
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If renting, what pets does your landlord/management company allow? Do you need approval to bring home a rabbit?
Landlord/management company contact information (we will notify you if/when we plan to contact your landlord)
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What are some reasons that may cause you to give up your rabbit? *
Is there anyone in your family who is allergic to rabbits or hay? *
Under what circumstances, if any, will your rabbit be allowed outdoors? If your rabbit is allowed outdoors, how will you protect it from escape or predators (raccoons, hawks, cats, dogs, people, etc.)?
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