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I agree to the terms and conditions guiding The CWP Hello Me Contest, and I give Cambridge Weight Plan Nigeria the permission to use my before and after photos online as evidence that Cambridge Weight Plan works.
Participants are expected to lose between 10 to 20kgs using exclusively Cambridge Weight Plan products. Your local Consultant assigned to you will affirm this information and how you can get the products.
Buy your CWP meals from your Consultant for the duration of the Contest
You have to weigh regularly with your Consultant.
You must be registered online and with your Consultant
All participants, once enrolled have given Cambridge Weight Plan Nigeria the permission to use their before and after pictures for promotional purposes at any time during and after the contest.
Cambridge Weight Plan gives excellent results, depending on how much weight a client wants to lose and how determined they are to lose it.
Winner will be selected based on how much weight was lost. The Biggest weight loser is the winner of the contest.
Contest is open to male and female participants.
Winnings will cover for a return ticket to the destination. Cambridge Weight Plan will not be responsible for Passport acquisition, Visa application, meals and accommodation, or any other expense that the holiday may entail.
Tickets are valid to be used between September and October 2017
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