2019 Crafted Products Application
1. This application is intended for vendors with handcrafted products only.
2. There is a $10 non-refundable processing fee that must be submitted with
your application in order to be considered. Please note that space is limited.
Vendors utilizing local produce in their goods will be given priority
3. It is a vendor’s responsibility to know what permits, licenses, and certificates
are required, and all must be current and valid. This application is complete
ONLY when accompanied by ALL required documents. Only complete
applications will be considered.
4. Application Deadline – new vendors can send in an application any time,
but applications received before March 31st of each year have a greater
chance of securing a spot.
5. Waiting List- In the event the market is full upon the time of your
application approval, you will be placed onto the waiting list.
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How many years has this farm/business been in operation? *
Is your farm or business family run or a corporation? *
Are you certified Organic? If "yes", please attach Organic Certification at the bottom of this application. *
Please describe in thorough detail all of the items you will be selling at the market, fill out to the best of your ability. Failure to be specific may preclude you from selling an item not listed below. Preference is given to craft vendors who produce, raise, and/or harvest one or more ingredients or raw materials. Next preference is given to crafters using OK Grown ingredients. Be sure to list ingredients that are grown or produced in Oklahoma and the producer, if known. Vendors must produce 100% of the items they sell at each market. Reselling of products is prohibited. Information on this form is subject to verification. You may attach a separate sheet if necessary. *
Checking this box signifies that I have read and understand the PFM rules and Regulations, and agree to abide by all the rules & regulations of the PFM. I understand my membership in the PFM can be revoked. I also understand the PFM has the right to inspect my farm or business, (notice will be given). *
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