YJAPathshala 2017 - Month 2 Self-Check
These questions are meant to accompany the YJA Pathshala Month 2 Handouts (found at yja.org/pathshala). They are anonymous and simply a way for you to check your understanding of the content. At the bottom of the form, a survey question is included to inspire thought.
What is the meaning of Nissihi? *
Which of the following is NOT a meaning of Nav Ang puja? *
Which of the following do we do during Chaityavandan? *
Which of these are symbolized by walking around the murtis? *
Which puja is done by performing Chaityavandan? *
Do you have any feedback on this month's topic, content, or materials? *
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SURVEY Question: How do you maintain focus while praying in the derasar, or completing a Jain ritual such as Samayik or Pratikraman? *
Answers can be any length and may be featured in a future YJA publication--if you would like to be credited, please put your name with your answer.
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