Almost Home Animal Rescue: Adoption Application

Thank you for interest in adopting an Almost Home rescue dog or cat! Please email us at with any questions.

    Please read the following instructions, before continuing on to the application process

    Most rescue dogs need time to transition into new homes and living situations. Please review the following information and consider carefully whether you are prepared to add a dog to your family. Pets need our time and patience and adopting an animal is a long-term commitment. If you are not sure, please wait until your circumstances change. If you are sure, please continue with the next step of finding your next best friend.

    About the dogs

    All dogs are: * spayed or neutered prior to adoption * evaluated for temperament and trainability * up-to-date on shots * heartworm tested and on preventative during the season, as well as frontline treated * given a dental check and cleaning if necessary * groomed and treated for any necessary medical conditions.

    Adoption Process

    All of these steps must be completed prior to adoption: 1. Submit an Adoption Application. Please complete each question. 2. Reference checking. Please contact your veterinarian and personal references to let them know we will be calling and to release information to us. Also, please be sure to list accurate telephone numbers of your references. 4. Pre-Adoption Home Visit. This home visit provides us an opportunity to get to know you and for you to get to know more about us and the rescue dog you are interested in adopting. 5. An adoption contract and non-refundable Adoption Donation is due at the time of adoption. • We will consider long distance adoptions, as long as a home visit can be completed and the adopter is willing to travel to Madison, SD to pick up their new dog. • We do expect adopters to drive to Madison, SD to pick up their new dog. If a volunteer happens to be traveling your direction, we will assist in the transport, but this is not always possible and should not be counted on • We do NOT ship dogs by airplane. • We generally do not adopt dogs out to families with small children, although some dogs are an exception depending on size and temperament. • We do not always require a fence, depending on the dog. If we require a fence, this will be noted on the dogs Petfinder description. • We expect that our dogs will be part of a family, not housed outside in a kennel. Applicants should understand that we expect these dogs to be kept inside at night. • The foster dogs are not available to be seen until AFTER an adoption is approved. Please understand that we are trying to find a responsible, loving and stable home for our very special rescue dogs that have lost their homes for reasons outside their control. For this reason the application process must be very thorough. We strive to place our rescued dogs in homes that will provide a Forever home. We do not want to put any dog through the adoption process more than once. Please Note: During the adoption process we review applications, conduct telephone interviews, call references, and conduct home visits. Our ultimate goal is to place each pet in our care into a home best matching the lifestyle and environment that individual pet requires. Maintaining this attention to detail is one reason why our placement success ratio is close to 99%. We want to make sure that the match is there and once the dog gets adopted this will be without a doubt his forever family. Almost Home does not have a facility and relies solely on the kindness of volunteers to foster our dogs. Each of these volunteers leads a busy life with their own family and their own pets to care for in addition to the volunteer work they do for us. Consequently, we do not make arrangements for the public to meet the pets in foster care until the adoption process has been completed.

    Before applying, you must be able to answer yes to all of the following questions:

    1. Are all household members in agreement about adopting a dog and willing to be present for a home visit? 2. Are your current pets neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations and current on heartworm preventative where appropriate? 3. Are you ready to adopt within the next few weeks? 4. Are you willing to drive to Madison, SD to pick up your dog if you are approved? 5. Are you completely committed to working through any behavioral issues your dog may have including housebreaking, chewing, barking, digging, etc?
    This is a required question