V+W Wedding
A few organizational questions for our wedding. More info: http://belak.net/wedding/
Name (one per group/family is enough, e.g. "Zack + family") *
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Number of adults? *
Number of children? (above 2 years old )
Number of infants? (below 2 years)
Would you like to use the accommodation at Svatojanská kolej?
When will you arrive?
We need to know this only if you want to stay directly at Svatojanská kolej. You can arrive already on Friday, no problem.
Would you like to have breakfast at Svatojanská kolej? (on Saturday)
How many people from your family/group will stick to meat-free dishes only?
Will you come by car? (to make sure there's enough parking space)
Would you like to rent a bike?
What song/s would definitely make you use a dance floor?
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