Youth constituency to UNCCD: sign-up form for entities (youth organisations/NGOs/groups)
Dear youth organisations,

We are in process of setting up a youth engagement mechanism / constituency to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and would like to invite interested youth organisations and individuals to join this process.

What is UNCCD ?
United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) is one of the three conventions, together with the UNFCCC and UNCBD, the process for which initiated at the Rio Earth Summit 1992, together with adoption of Agenda 21. UNCCD itself was adopted in 1994. It’s primary area of focus are desertification and land degradation, with several further layers of thematic focus such as Land & Human Security, Droughts, and Climate Change. It is an intergovernmental process, which has biennial Conference of Parties (COP). The next COP (COP14) will take place in New Delhi, India in September 2019.
More details on UNCCD at be found at:

Timeline + key activities being planned in 2019:
Members of UN MGCY Coordination and associated environmental groups are working closely with UNCCD Secretariat toward setup of this Caucus. Some key activities being looked at include:
- Capacity building webinars
- On ground meeting between the members of Caucus and UNCCD during SB50 in Bonn (as UNCCD is in Bonn)
- Organisation of Youth Forum in India at the end of August, just prior to the CCD COP in September. Funding for international participation will be available and process for this will be launched later
- Amplifying messaging and delivery from this process to feed into other processes within the UN such as HLPF, SG Climate Summit in September (and its tracks), etc.

Inviting youth-organisations around the world to join this process !

Is your organisation (formal, informal, registered, or unregistered) interested to join this process? We are keen to have you on board! This would mean supporting your organisation for accreditation to UNCCD and also making it part of membership of Caucus so it is able to join the substantive and procedural discussions in lead up to the Forum and COP in India.

All interested organisations (whether you are accredited to ECOSOC, UNFCCC or not accredited) are invited to fill:
short sign-up form:

Please do first round of sign-up by 20 May 2019, so we can proceed to next steps!

Once you fill this form, we will send you further information on accreditation process and discussions.

Youth engagement in process of UNCCD - background and steps taken:
Discussions on setting up formal youth process at UNCCD have been happening on and off, formally and informally. The conversations gained momentum when 2017 COP of UNCCD took place in Mongolia, and prior to the COP, there was a Youth Forum convened. This Youth Forum was funded by the Government of China and administered by a Chinese civil society NGO. Around 40 young people from different parts of the world were funded to join this Youth Forum. A similar Youth Forum, with similar level of international participation is planned for this year as well in India.

The conversation gained further momentum at UNFCCC COP24 in Katowice (2018) during some informal conversations between YOUNGO members and staff from UNCCD Secretariat, on how youth engagement process in UNCCD can be enhanced. This was further compounded by conversations in March 2019 between the Secretariat and UN MGCY friends in March and April 2019. UNCCD Secretariat invited youth-organisations, members of UN MGCY, YOUNGO, and its affiliated constituencies to develop formal process toward youth engagement in UNCCD processes, thereby creating a children and youth constituency (“Caucus”).

Acting upon this, a process and timeline document was developed which was shared with UN MGCY Coordination Team and Coordination / Facilitation teams of environmental groups for seeking procedural guidance on setting up of this constituency and also toward first membership of Facilitation Committee of the Caucus. You can find this document for your reference at:

In case of any questions, please write to:
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