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Sign up to give a presentation at Shining Hearth! This form will be open through December 31.

Presentations can be on any topic that would be of interest to elfae folk and created in any format (lecture, panel, roundtable discussion, performance, demonstration, etc.). Timeslots are 1 hour long. You don't have to fill the whole time, but should use at least 30 minutes. There is also some room in the schedule if you need a few extra minutes.

Need inspiration? Check out last year's schedule at or this compilation of workshop descriptions from various otherkin gathers:

For group presentations, choose one person to be your contact and only fill out the form once. All members of the group must be over 18.

If you have any questions about your idea or how to fill out this form, contact

The email address you enter below will be used to send a response receipt and the invite code for the server. Please provide an address that you actually check!
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Presenters must: 1. Allow direct messages on Discord from other members of the Shining Hearth server, so staff can contact them directly if needed. 2. Configure Discord so that they get notifications of @mentions on Shining Hearth. 3. Check the server for messages at least once a week. 4. Check in at the Green Room channel 30 minutes ahead of their scheduled presentation time. *
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