WCSD Hotspot Request Form
Walthall County School District has purchased 465 hotspots that will be available for student use. First priority for these hotspots are to students/families who are enrolled virtually, but need assistance and support with online access. Then priority goes to students' households without internet access.

These hotspots will be managed by the school district with these controls in place.

• Only school-issued Chromebook will be able to connect to the hotspot
• Content filtering and fire wall will be provided for security
• Time of day will be limited to 7 am to 10 pm
• Data usage reports will be monitored on each device
• Netflix, Hulu, and other sites like Facebook will be blocked

Parents will be responsible for any damages to the hotspot or if it is lost or stolen.

Please complete this form only if you are requesting access to a mobile hotspot for your student.

Families are eligible for no more than one hotspot per household.
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Do you currently have sufficient/reliable internet access at your home? *
If your answer to the previous question is YES, which of the following reasons best describes why you are requesting a hotspot?
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I understand that, as a parent/guardian, I will be responsible for any damages to the hotspot or if it is lost or stolen. *
I understand the district controls in place for these hotspots (controls are listed at the top of this survey). *
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