Judaism & Queer Identity Spring 2019
Please fill out this form if you're potentially interested in joining a cohort of fellow LGBTQIA+ Jewish students this semester! We will have nuanced conversations about our unique identities, workshops with some of the most prominent Jewish LGBTQIA+ leaders in New York, and excursions around the city. We'll explore how to continue being our full selves in all our communities, with opportunities to dive into the topics you're most interested in discussing. You'll also gain a community of fellow LGBTQIA+ Jewish students on campus. And did we mention there's free food?!

You don't have to commit to anything by filling out this form -- Sam or Jaimie (professionally queer Jews working at Columbia/Barnard) will just reach out once you tell us you might be interested to discuss if this is a good fit for you. This will be a closed space, so Sam & Jaimie, as well as all fellow participants, will maintain confidentiality. Whether you are still questioning your sexuality and/or gender identity, aren't out to anyone or are out to everyone in your communities, feel more "Jew-ish" or are totally involved in Jewish life already, we welcome everyone wherever they are on their journeys, identity formation, and political opinions. We hope you'll join us!

Feel free to contact sam@hillel.columbia.edu or jaimie@hillel.columbia.edu with any questions!

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