Confidential Survey
Submission of this survey on line is optional however, you will be required to complete it if accepted by Good Samaritan Rehabilitation. All information submitted in this survey will be kept in the strictest confidence. The information gathered through this form will enable us to further understand you and many others like you.
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How many times have you been in jail *
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Were your parents married when you were born? *
Did your parents get a divorce? *
Are both of your parents alive *
If no, which parent has died?
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Were either of your parents addicted to drugs? *
If yes, which parent?
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what drug(s) did your parent(s) use?
Did your parents drink alcohol? *
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Are (or were) your parent(s) alcoholic(s) *
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Have you ever committed adultery on your mate? *
How many times have you been married? *
estimate how many people you have had intimacy with in your life. *
Do you have children out of wedlock? *
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Are you in trouble with the law? *
What are your charges?
Have you lost all your money? *
Have you lost your drivers license? *
Your car *
Did your mate leave you?
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Are you employed? *
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Have you lost your home? *
Have you been abused? *
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Have you been diagnosed with anything? *
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Do you drink or use tobacco? *
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What age did you first use drugs/alcohol? *
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