Members Meeting: Self-Employment Q&A
Wednesday 6th October
7 - 8:30pm (with optional induction for new/prospective members from 6:30pm)

Put your questions to legal experts on all aspects of freelance and self-employed work. Please send us any key questions in advance to make sure we cover as many issues as possible!

If there is time, you will also have the chance to join a breakout 'Chapel' for focused discussion on work in:

šŸŽØ Visual arts and galleries
šŸ’» Graphic design
šŸŽ­ Theatre and performance
šŸŽ¶ Music and nightlife
āœ‚ļø Fashion
šŸ« Creative education and participatory arts

There is an induction from 6:30pm intended for new and prospective members to gain an introduction to UVW Designers + Cultural Workers.

*More details coming soon!*
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