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Programs Details:
Please review age/grade criteria below before filling the form:
Age of Admission: Grades 4 - 8 (Full Time Hifz with Academic School) - $175 / Child
Age of Admission: Grades 7 & up (Diploma in Islamic Studies) - $85 / Child
Age of Admission: Grades 4 - 7 (Part time Evening Hifz Class) - $95 / Child
Age of Admission: 5 - 17 years (General Class) - $50 / Child
Age of Admission: High School, College & University Students (Youth Class) - $20 / Child (if affordable)

See program posters for more details.

Next Steps: Once the form is filled, the admin staff will connect with you soon or at a later date depending on the program start date and class vacancy to discuss the next steps. InshaAllah. Ineligible applications will not be contacted.
Full Time Hifz with Academic School
Youth Class - High School, College & University Students
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I certify that the information on this form is complete and accurate.  As the parent/guardian of the child(ren) registered above, I release Anjuman-E-Anwarul Islam of Malton and individuals, from liability in the event of personal injury or accident caused to the child(ren) while he/she is, at any excursion or after the teaching hours.  Students will not be permitted to leave early or arrive late without a written and signed note from the parent/guardian.  I (we) agree to see that my enrolled child(ren) are punctually brought and picked up on time.  I (we) agree to inform the Admin office, in writing, of any changes in the mailing address or the contact number(s).  In addition, I (we) read, understood, and will abide by the rules and regulations of the Madresa. *
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