Artist Application
If you're a lens-based artist who wishes to join the Ephimera platform, you can use this form to show us your work! All submissions will be reviewed, and if the curatorial team believes you would be a good fit you will receive an invite.

**NB - Due to the volume of applications we receive, we will not be able to respond to every applicant individually. We will also be unable to respond to queries on the status of any application, so please bear that in mind.

Application materials are assessed mainly on their suitability for the Ephimera platform, conceptual strength, and the artist's experience and accolades. Again, we cannot provide updates on an individual basis but we expect that applications will be assessed within one month of submission.

Ephimera is a tokenized art marketplace dedicated to photography and video art. Please ensure your work incorporates lens-based art before applying. Please also ensure that the Ethereum address you submit can be used through Metamask, as this is the only Web3 wallet fully supported at present.
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Metamask address *
The MetaMask Ethereum address you will use to tokenize your artwork on the Ephimera platform.
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Artist bio *
Please provide us with some background on your work as an artist; including any exhibitions you have participated in, any places you have sold your art, and your experience, education and influences as an artist.
What device or medium do you use primarily to capture your photography and/or video art? *
Portfolio *
A link to your online portfolio
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Please link your Instagram/Twitter, or any other social media accounts where your work is displayed.
Artist CV *
Please paste a link to your publicly viewable artist CV. This can be on your website or a hosting service like Google Docs or Dropbox, provided it does not have any restrictions for viewing by clicking the link.
Upcoming artwork *
Please provide a link to three not-yet tokenized works of photography or video art which you would like to publish on Ephimera. Again this link should be publically viewable, but we will not share this link with any outside party.
Upcoming artwork descriptions *
Please provide us with prospective descriptions which you might use when publishing the preceding three artworks. This will provide us with additional context to your work, in the same way that artwork descriptions provide collectors with context on the Ephimera platform.
Have you ever sold tokenized artwork before? If so, who were some of your collectors? *
I acknowledge that the artwork I wish to tokenize on Ephimera incorporates lens-based media *
Ephimera is focused on photography, video art and other examples of lens-based art. Artists whose work does not include any lens-based elements will not be considered at this time.
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