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This form is the central place to sign-up for our all rainbow variety open mic run by Performer Power (Julia & Tessa Clement).

If you wish to apply for multiple shows with different early/late, performance style or time requirements you will be given the option to submit additional responses.

Even though this is a variety, not a comedy, show, we operate according to the New Zealand Comedy Guild code of conduct linked from https://performerpower.nz/about/ . By accepting a spot in a show you are accepting that code of conduct.

We need your email address for two reasons:
1. so you can have a copy of your sign-up, with an edit link, sent to you &
2. so we can contact you if we have a problem matching a performer with their Facebook name.

We won't spam you via email. That's what we have Facebook for.
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Email *
Are you openly rainbow (a.k.a. LGBTIQA+, Queer, etc) *
IMPORTANT: As our stage is reserved for rainbow performers, by appearing in our show you are publicly outing yourself as a member of the rainbow community.
Your Facebook name *
How we contact you. You are also welcome to give your Facebook user or URL if you prefer. If you don't have Facebook please enter "via email" or similar. If you are a duo or group of people, please give the name of a contact person, preferably one with Facebook Messenger.
Stage Name if different to Facebook Name
Optional: How you would like to be announced
What are your pronouns? *
So we can announce you correctly. NB: If you perform as a gender other than your day-to-day gender presentation (e,g, drag) please give the pronouns for your stage presence.
Which shows are you available for *
Tick as many as you like. It helps us arrange varied cast lists for the show
Which category best describes your act *
Tell us more about your act.
Optional. For example, there are a huge number of styles of music, a reasonable number of types or poetry, same for dance. If you are not a solo act please indicate the size of your group.
What is your performance level *
How well do you feel you have mastered your art? Don't be overly modest.
What is the minimum time for your act? *
How many minutes of stage time do you require to give justice to your performance?
What is the optimum time for your act? *
OK, you can squeeze it into a shorter length, but how long should it go? For anything longer than  10 minutes please say why in the notes question at the end.
Do you have any special technical requirements?
We have mics & can accept up to three high impedance (e.g. guitar) inputs plus backing tracks on either Bluetooth or USB sticks into the sound system. If you have other requirements, please list them. Also if you require a sound check please give an indication of length and we will arrange a time before the show with you.
Do you require/prefer early or late placement in the running order? *
Please consider your answer carefully, once the running order is published it will be difficult for us to change.
Are you OK with being photographed while performing? *
Some people like shots of them performing, some don't.
May we use your name and image in graphics / postings promoting the show? *
Performer Bio
Optional. A short paragraph to be used in publicity material for shows if you agreed to this in the previous question. You are welcome to cut & paste here or provide a link as you wish. If you don't have one yet, type "Help" & we'll be back to help. Please sell your act to audience members and list any significant shows or achievements.
One-line description
Optional. Something to go under your photo,  if you agreed to this in the earlier question: significant shows or achievements, performance style, whatever. Sell yourself to audiences.
Optional: Anything you wish to tell us. Examples include if you're a raw beginner, why you are after a long set, if you're a traveller in Auckland for a short time. URL for your performer head shot, etc.
1  When we have more people requesting spots than available spots we select on a number of criteria, mainly achieving variety within each show and between shows.

2. We manage shows through a Facebook Messenger Group. You don't need to be a member of this group to perform, but not being in it may cause you to miss urgent last minute messages.

3. Most shows start at 7:30 (But please check your show). Please arrive at least 15 minutes before you are scheduled to perform or at the nominated time if you have requested a sound check.

4. We will email you a copy of your request with an edit link. If things change, please use that link to correct your entry.

5. If you have to cancel, please give us as much warning as possible so we can find a replacement.

6. If you need it on the night we are happy to arrange for you to be escorted to or from your transport. Please give us as much warning as possible so we can arrange this.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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