Assignment For edTPA Training, Day 3
The Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research (CEITR) collaborates with College of Education (COE) to provide edTPAtrainings for COE faculty members who teach edTPA courses. The purpose of edTPA training is to provide faculty who teach edTPA courses with the capacity to coach students in the incremental understanding of, and capacity to submit a successful edTPA packet to Pearson for review.

Please use the form below to complete and submit the Individual Assignment for Day 3. There is one Individual assignment, one Group Assignment, and a Summative Evaluation. For clarification, the Individual Assignment is completed and submitted on this form while the Group Assignment is completed in the discussion forum which may be accessed at

The summative assignment is completed on a separate form which can be accessed at the workshop training page in the Research Hub.

If needed for reference, Day 3 materials may be accessed at
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