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Can you train your brain? Why not, if you can train your body, you can also train your brain. What you do not use in body and mind, you lose irrevocably and so you have to keep training. Now we know how we train the body, but in terms of the mind, it is a bit more nuanced. Sometimes it can be very simple.

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Causes and symptoms of ADHD
ADHD or 'Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder' is an inborn attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity. Children with ADHD often have difficulty keeping their attention for a longer period of time. They are often unable to work on a single assignment for a long time. It does work when they are interested in the assignment. The hyperactivity takes place mainly in the head and sometimes expresses itself to the outside so that the child can get busy. Although ADHD is often diagnosed in children, adults can also suffer from this disease.
The exact cause is unknown, but there are three factors that are associated with ADHD, namely: heredity; children with a parent who has ADD or ADHD have an increased chance of also experiencing ADD or ADHD. A neurobiological disorder in the brain at the level of the nerve connections (in neurotransmission), and influence of the environment. ADHD seems to be more common because the current ADHD society is unfriendly. It is often thought that ADHD is the same as ADD: 'Attention deficit disorder'. Although ADD and ADHD are both attention disorders, it is not the same, and ADD is a form of ADHD. Someone with ADHD shows more hyperactivity and impulsivity, while someone with ADD often feels hyperactivity but this does not always work out.
A child with ADD can be easily distracted, unorganized, show procrastination and suffer from forgetfulness. The child is inclined to accept the constant negative feedback and to involve himself in what may lead to the development of secondary psychological disorders including anxiety disorders, sexual and mood disorders and substance abuse. Symptoms of ADHD are: inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, mental high sensitivity, chronic forgetfulness, anxiety, low self-esteem, problems with managing aggression, an increased risk of addiction: smoking, drug, alcohol and gambling addiction, procrastination, mood swings and depression.
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Positive qualities
Symptoms of ADHD may decrease as age progresses. ADHD can also have positive characteristics such as: a high social intelligence, a great empathy, exceptional ability to see certain things in detail, great care towards others, and they excel in talent in a certain area such as music.
You can not cure ADHD. However, it can be treated so that the person experiences no or less discomfort from ADHD. The symptoms of ADHD can be controlled with the help of medication, behavioral therapy, counseling and information about the environment. Medications called stimulants are used to control hyperactivity and impulsivity and to increase attention. Some commonly used stimulants for ADHD are: Methylphenidate and Dexamphetamine. Non-stimulants are also a possible drug for ADHD, such as: atomoxetine. Treatment in the form of guidance can focus on behavioral adaptation, special education, and training of social skills. For more information about ADHD and possible treatment, it is best to contact your doctor.
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