#MyLastTrash Grant Application Form
The #MyLastTrash campaign brings together the University of California’s Carbon Neutrality Initiative and zero waste goal in a call to action for the university community. That action is embodied by the name #MyLastTrash, which seeks to encourage individuals to take ownership for their personal waste and to work with their communities to make a positive impact in waste management.

This form is for parties hoping to access grants to support participation in the #MyLastTrash campaign. Teams and individuals with creative ideas for engaging campus communities, raising awareness of the university’s zero waste goal, promoting waste reduction on campus, and directly reducing campus waste are encouraged to apply below.

Round Two applications due by midnight on March 14, 2018.
Project Team *
Please list first and last name of project team members. For each team member list: 1. Affiliation (for staff and faculty - titles, for students - student type; undergraduate, graduate etc. ) 2. Campus, lab or location 3. Department/Office if applicable 3. Project role (team member, adviser, project lead etc.). Note: All teams must nominate a project lead.
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How much of the total project budget will be funded by the grant award (if the award will constitute the total project cost, noted above, enter ALL).
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List the amount and source of any matching funds (if none list NA below)
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Project Deliverables *
Include description and anticipated delivery date
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Project Success Metrics *
This can be in terms of engagement numbers, waste reduction, GHG emissions avoided, food saved.
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How many people do you expect to engage with your project ? *
Indicate who (staff, students, faculty, community, media) and by what methods they will be engaged:
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For Student Groups and CNI Fellows
Do you have a UC account and/or a department sponsor where we may transfer funds if your application is successful?
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By submitting my name below, I understand that if awarded this grant, I will be responsible for ensuring that the funds are spent in accordance with this application or returned to UCOP. I understand that as part of my obligations, if successful I will be required to submit a 90-day project progress form.
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