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If you want to book on the Training for Teachers (ToT) with us please provide the following details so we can make your time with as enjoyable as possible.
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Fees sliding scale - depending upon income: £495 (concessionary places limited to just three), £595 (low waged - under 15K/year), £695 (waged), £825 (organisations). Fees include all tuition, food, camping, course materials, certificate, and digital resources. * includes a £25 booking fee.
N.B. There is a £25 car tax charge for those driving to the venue to encourage lift share and using public transport so please take this into account when budgeting for the course.
Staying at the Inkpot
Please be aware that this event runs from the times mentioned on the website but we can cater for people arriving early or leaving late for additional costs.
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Anything else?
Please let us know if you would like to bring any one else with you not involved with the event e.g. partners or children etc.
We generally ask for no dogs on site as we are a working farm with free ranging animals, however if this would prevent you from attending the event, please let us know and we can discuss options.
Additional participants
Please let us know if there are other people coming with you and give their full details below
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Your permaculture background
1. Where did you do your permaculture design course (PDC) and with whom?
2. Have you attended any other permaculture courses?
3. What other courses of a related nature have you attended and when (eg. organic gardening, community building, etc.)?
4. What other related knowledge/experiencing/skills do you have?
5. What are your reasons for joining the course?
6. What do you hope to get out of the course?

Please answer these 6 questions as best you can below.

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