Survey about distance learning
Teachers at Killeigh NS have started to use the seesaw platform to engage with pupils and parents. We have one week completed mainly with work that had been assigned on the day of the closure. After Easter, some teachers may introduce new topics using this platform so we would love to hear feedback about how we can make the experience better for everyone.

If anyone has any technical queries about how to use seesaw please visit the page on our website ( ) or contact
Have you received emails from anyone at Killeigh NS since the school closure? ( If you have not, please contact with an updated email address) *
Has your child used Seesaw in the last week to receive and send work back to teacher? *
What are the main barriers to stop people using seesaw? *
Have you used the Seesaw family app in the last week to look at your child's work or to communicate with the teacher? *
Did you feel your child benefited from using Seesaw to engage with teacher?Please mark a point on the scale. *
It was of little benefit
It was a great benefit
General feedback. Please tell us what you think worked well and what we could improve *
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