Results Junkies North American Tech Tour
I have spent the last decade jetting in/out of places for keynotes and demo days. It was an effective way for me, as an investor, to meet the maximum amount of companies in the shortest amount of time. But it wasn't enough.

Between 2016 and 2019, I visited 150+ cities across the US & Canada. I met over 60,000 entrepreneurs and invested in the best of them along the way. And I want to do more of it in 2020.

Here's the general idea: I'll come spend a few days in your community and we'll put together office hours, tech meetups, keynotes, workshops and fun. I'll bring other investors and successful entrepreneurs to help.

In exchange, you cover my costs and help me figure out how to best help your tech community. Bonus: if the schedules align, I'll do it all in a custom-built Airstream and bring my family along too.

I can only do a few of these multiple day trips in 2020, please fill this out ASAP if you think I can help your local tech community.
What is the Results Junkies Tech Tour? (And 👋🏼 Ann Arbor!)
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This isn't a trick question. Feel free to brainstorm openly -- we'll hop on the phone and flesh out the details together. Everything's on the table.
Do you know where I might be able to park a ~31' Airstream?
Bonus points if we can find a way to park the thing in front of your office and make it a hangout for the local tech community all week. :)
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