TEAM CAPTAIN Enid Mud Volleyball June 27, 2020 REGISTRATION
Thank you for being a team captain & registering to start your team here!

Your teammates should individually register on the website, knowing the TEAM NAME and their CAPTAIN's NAME.
Dear Team Captain:
As team captain, it is your responsibility to submit payment for the team fee. The cooler fee can be paid at a later date and/or by any team member. It is your responsibility to gather the appropriate amount of money from your teammates. Remember - 6 to 10 people on a team and that there must be 2 females in the mud pit at all times!

As the team captain, the Enid Mud Volleyball event coordinators primarily communicate to you through email about event details.

Closer to the event date, a document called the "DIRT ABOUT MUD VOLLEYBALL" will be posted on our website and emailed to you with detailed information - this is considered your "event team packet". We want you to come prepared!

Please fill out this form to register yourself to play, as well as your team to participate.

We look forward to having you join us June 27, 2020, at the "Dirtiest Clean Fun in Enid - ENID MUD VOLLEYBALL!"

Further Questions???
PHONE: (4RKIDS) 580-237-7890
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*T-shirt costs are included in registration. Shirt sizes are only guaranteed through June 1st. If you register after June 1st, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your specific size. Registrations after June 5th will get t-shirts if they are available.
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BY CHECKING "YES" IN THE BOX BELOW, YOU ARE PROVIDING YOUR ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE TO AGREE TO THE PARTICIPATION WAIVER. You will not be allowed to play in the tournament or register your team without our record of this agreement.
In consideration of 4RKIDS, ENID NOON AMBUCS, CW SCOOTERS, and any other parties involved in the planning and/or execution of the 2020 Miracle League Enid Mud Volleyball tournament on June 27, 2020, I waive all claims for damage, injury, illness or loss to my person or property which may be caused by aforementioned parties, all other officers, vendors and all media partners, distributors, agents and employees, heirs or legal representatives. Further, I hereby agree not to assert myself against the same parties in any court of law, and do release same parties from all liability, claims, demands, costs, charges, and expenses incident to any possible damage or personal injuries or illness that I now have in the future, known or unknown, while participating in the MIRACLE LEAGUE ENID MUD VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT. I assume the risk of all dangerous conditions associated with the playing of MUD VOLLEYBALL and waive any and all specific notice of the existence of such conditions. I do also assert that I am of sound physical condition and capable of participating in strenuous activities without undue risk. I understand shoes are to be worn during all times of play and duct-taped to my feet. I also grant permission to the aforementioned parties to utilize any and all photographs, videotapes, recordings and other references of records with Miracle League, Enid Noon Ambucs, or 4RKIDS events and activities for any and all purposes.

Do you have any questions about the tournament? If so, please ask here! We will answer you via email. Thank you for your support!
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