Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Apprentice Testing

Please fill out this form so we can schedule your testing date and time to take the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Trade Apprentice eligibility test. This form must be completed, in full, before your test date will be confirmed. PLEASE NOTE: You will receive an email with a date and time. If you can't take the test at that time, you must contact us by responding to the email, immediately. Due to the number of registrations, a confirmation email may take up to two days.

Important: it's important that you enter your Name, Birth date (with correct year), email and phone number correctly or you may experience login difficulties on the day of the exam.

Exams are being offered remotely and will be scheduled as soon as possible. Due to the limit of testers in the remote exam, it could take longer than usual.

While the testing will take approximately two hours, there may be some that finish before the two hours is over, or may need more time. IF you needs special accommodations, please be sure to choose the testing with accommodations.
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Do you have the proper technology to take the Accuplacer test remotely? This includes the computer, internet access, and a working web-cam. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not, you may be required to take the test at a test site that will be determined. *
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