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The LDT community is planning to go to CampZone 2019 with members from all over the globe. We hope that we can have a wonderful holiday in the beautiful heart of Europe; The Netherlands!

CampZone is the world’s biggest outdoor gaming vacation with almost 2000 participants who come to play games and compete with each other in tents and trailers. The computers and gaming consoles are connected to each other using a Local Area Network and Internet connection. CampZone is held on a large field in Kronenberg, The Netherlands which is transformed yearly for this event into a gaming-campsite for 11 days.

This event offers the participants the possibility to connect with the huge CampZone 10 Gigabit network, allowing everybody to play games and communicate digitally with each other.

However, CampZone is not only about gaming. It is the best opportunity for all community members to meet and even start new friendships. Every day the CampZone organization provides activities such as paintball, human bowling, soap football and barbecuing.

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About LDT
The LDT community is a non-profit community organisation providing gameservers and a website. Next to that we bring the online gaming community together in real life by participating in major lan parties and inviting our members to this event. We try to make this as attractive as possible by easing the process and lowering the cost as much as possible by going as a group. In 2019 we expect to participate with a group of 25-30 people.

Our aim is to bring all of our online friends together and have an awesome 11 days. All LDT CampZone participants share a big plastic tent in which all computers are set up. Sleeping accomodation consists of smaller tents or in a separate part of the main tent. You are, however, always allowed to bring your own tent or trailer, and if that has extra space for the sleeping spot of other LDT people then we’d love to hear that.

During Campzone, LDT will be an intermediary between the main company organising the CampZone event, and the participants. We will order the tickets, tables, chairs, networking hardware, electricity components, tents, kitchen appliances, fridges and loads of other small things at once. This saves every participant all the hassle of having to arrange all those things separately, and by ordering stuff in large quantities we can arrange it in a more cost-effective way. Our goal is to make this event as cheap as possible, so that it is affordable even for those traveling from abroad.

About CampZone
CampZone is the world’s biggest outdoor LAN-party gaming vacation. The event will take place from the 26 July – 5 August, 2019 The hosting organisation is Duh-Events. Most LAN-parties last a weekend but CampZone is a true vacation lasting 11 days! The 1750 visitors will have access to the fast 10 Gbit network with gigabit client ports 24Hr a day for the full 11 days. Next to the LAN a very fast internet connection is provided to all the visitors.

But CampZone is much more than a campsite with computers. Aside from the computers and the network there are many outdoor activities and other events. Every year there are several large campfires during the nights which form a great meeting place for people. And the CampZone organization hosts activities such as paintball, human bowling, soap football and barbequing.

During the day you can game against each other, participate in activities, play volleyball on the field or just relax and enjoy the sun. Almost every popular game is featured in a competition where you can measure your skill against other.

Basically, it’s a big campsite with likeminded people, a high speed LAN network plus internet connection to which you connect your own computer and tons of other fun stuff to do. But of course the best part of all is to meet your online friends from LDT in real life!

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