TTU Undergraduate Research Conference 2012: Non-Presenter Registration Form

Welcome Undergraduate Researchers, Faculty, Staff, Grad Students & Visiting Institutions!

Thank you for visiting the TTU Undergraduate Research Conference Non-Presenter Registration Form. The TTU Undergraduate Research Conference (TTU/URC) will be hosted, April 16 - 20, 2012. New this year the TTU/URC will partner with the TTU Ethics Center to host two conferences in one week! Attendees may participate in as many conference activities as your schedule allows. This form is specific to participation in the TTU/URC as a non-presenter.

TTU system affiliated Faculty/Staff are not required to register to attend conference activities. However, we invite TTU Faculty / Staff to assist as a conference Reviewer / Judge by completing the Reviewer/Judge Registration Form:

We encourage non-presenters to review anticipated registration questions that will be outlined throughout the form prior to submitting this document as the application cannot be saved once you begin. Click here for a list of anticipated questions:

TTU/TTUHSC conference registration fees will be covered by the University or affiliated program.
Visiting non-presenters will be responsible for a $30 registration fee. Fees will cover several meals, abstract book, conference materials, t-shirt, RSVP required events and processing fee.
***Political Science attendees (visiting or TTU) will be covered by the TTU Political Science Department.

For additional TTU/URC information visit:


Texas Tech University
Center for Undergraduate Research
806.742.1095 /
Student Union Building #232E
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*TTU System schools include: Texas Tech University, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, and Angelo State University.

***TTU Ethics Center Responsible Conduct of Research Conference (RCR):
Should you wish to attend any additional RCR activities hosted on 4/16/12 by the TTU Ethics Center visit: to register or review additional materials.

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