RDCASA Registration for Balls, balls, balls
Join us for more advanced skill development and game play with balls. This once a week program will provide more opportunities for kicking, throwing, catching, targetting, passing and shooting. All ball sports will be included.
All children aged 7-18 living with impairment of any kind are invited to attend.
Parents, aides or caregivers must remain with participants at all times during the activity.
Families including siblings are encouraged to attend and play together. Only registration for the participant is required.
Those with questions concerning the program are asked to contact Brandi Heather - brandi.heather@rdc.ab.ca; those with questions concerning registration or any other matter are asked to contact Robyn Bagley - rdchildrensadaptedsports@gmail.com
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Red Deer Childrens Adapted Sports Association (RDCASA) use the personal information collected on this form to establish your registration as an athlete; establish your eligibility to participate in our programs; communicate with you; ensure your health and safety needs and enable effective handling of medical emergencies. We will not share your personal information with anyone outside of our program and will keep all information housed securely to protect your information. At any time, if you wish to discontinue your relationship with us and have us remove your personal information from our database, please contact us. By signing below you understand that your participation in our programs is voluntary. We provide adapted sport activities for children based on sound practice and previous experience and training. At any time, should you have concerns, please contact us directly. By signing below you assume the inherent risk that comes from sport participation and will not hold liable RDCASA for injuries that result from your participation in our programs and activities.
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Consent to Photograph and Video *
The Adapted Kinesiology program at RDC will video and photograph sessions on occasion as a learning tool for their students. The photos and videos are used during class lectures to identify learning situations and where improvements can be made by the students. The videos and photographs are never used for publication without express written consent by those in the picture or video. That would be an additional form, this form does not constitute that consent. By writing your name below (as the parent or aide of the child participating) you consent to the use of video and photography just as a learning activity for the Adapted Kinesiology students..
Please check below to acknowledge that you understand you are required to stay in the gym with your registered child. For liability purposes and safety, a parent or aide is required to stay for the duration of the program in the gym. *
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