Escape the Ordinary 2 Hunt - Merchant Application
Hunt Name: Escape the Ordinary 2 Gridwide Hunt
Dates: 1st – 31st July 2021
Start time: 12am
End time: 11.59pm
Start Location: TBC
Flickr Group:
Inspiration board:
Applications Open : 1st July 2021
Applications Close: 15th November 2021
Merchant Application:
Participating Stores: TBA
Theme: Unusual Christmas! Could be something anti- Christmas or something that's traditional.
This is a family friendly hunt. No XXX items please.
Prizes: 0L$ - 2L$

There will be 15 sponsor slots. As a sponsor, your store will appear at the top of the hunt list and a full size logo on the hunt website, along with your social media, store slurl and MP link. The non refundable fee for a sponsor slot is L$200.

If you are accepted for the hunt I will send you an acceptance notecard and group invitation.

1 Make sure to read all notecards carefully.
2 You must be in the inworld group – please have your profile searchable so that I can invite you.
3 The hunt will be made up of invited stores & public applications.
4 Accepted items: Anything that fits the theme
5 Unaccepted items: Items that include copyrighted images (tv characters, celebrity names etc), cobybotted items, items that break SL TOS.
6 The hunt is aimed at everyone!
7 You must not rename the hunt items.
8 Landmarks will not be in hunt items – slurls will be posted on the hunt blog and a notecard available through the hunt sign and hunt group.
9 Hunt gifts will be between 0L and 2L
10 Marketplace stores can apply! Your gift will be hidden on your Marketplace page, the image will be the hunt prim and it will have a random name.

I use the SasTech Hunt system – I control everything manually via the website – all you need to do is make the gift, put it in the box, add your store name and hide it. Full details will be provided in the merchant pack.
Store Name *
Store Owner Username *
Username of person to add to the group (if not the same as owner name)
Store SLURL (put N/A if MP only) *
Sim maturity rating
Clear selection
Flickr/ Social media
Would you like to be a sponsor. Fee is L$200 and non refundable. Fee is due upon acceptance and must be paid to Lyliana Sierota.
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