Namitzi Yoga Level 1 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training
Welcome to the only 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training that certifies Spiritual Badasses and Yoga Boss's! We are a Registered Yoga School based in the heart of Houston , Texas lead by an elite group of trainers and mentors from across the globe. Its important to know that our school has a strong faith base and each student engages in a tremendous amount of heart work unearthing and unpacking so that you can be fully present and thrive in the experience. Mitzi Henderson, the lead trainer and owner of Namitzi Yoga built a multi 6 figure Yoga Business without owning a brick and mortar space. Joyell Hayes & Deidra Lawson , faculty and mentors, have also both built multi 6 figure wellness and spirituality businesses. These women are power houses when it comes to aligning your prayers, passion and profit.

You will experience a shift mentally , physically, emotionally, financially while being empowered to share your experience with others. No matter which Immersion you choose our programs are the most comprehensive and supportive that you will find. Our online students receive live classes and lectures weekly and support from fellow students and faculty in our private online community. We are a community of Spiritual Badasses, Yoga Bosses and Transformation Coaches! We have the BEST curriculum, the BEST faculty, the BEST staff, the BEST mentors, the BEST affiliates and the BEST graduates blazing trails in the industry!

Our curriculum covers an in-depth dive into the following :
Yoga Philosophy & History
Meditation & Pranayama 
The Ashtanga Yoga Half Primary Series
Self Transformation & Manifestation
Anatomy &  Physiology
Trauma Informed Yoga Practices
Building a Yoga Business

In addition to our foundational courses additional elective courses are available to you offered by our faculty :
Asana Clinics
Reiki ( get level one certified during your YTT)
Subtle Bodies
Contemplative Prayer
Class Management & Structuring
Leveraging Social Media for Success

Be a Yoga Boss Mentorship - This is an introduction to the 6 & 9 Week Mentorship offered by Mitzi & Joyell. During your 3 week mentorship you are able to dive deeper into your teaching style as well as identify your space of expertise and your tribe. If you follow the plan created for you, you can easily make the money that you invested in your training back in less time than it takes you to become certified.

We currently offer 4 Training Options: *Please note that all trainings are online due to the current pandemic.*

Live Online Training 2020 Dates
4 week 200 Hour Yoga & SEL Training for Educators ( This training is in partnership with Teach Me to Breathe LLC.
October 3, 2020 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - 20 Day Immersion
October 24, 2020
January 5, 2021 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Start Today - This is a self- paced somewhat solo training . You will have access and support from other online teachers and our faculty and staff. It is perfect for someone who wants to take their time, has a busy schedule or enjoys learning on their own.
You will have access to our online community and can join us as often as you like.
ds exceed Yoga Alliance Requirements and we have a really special" thing" that makes us so different from other immersions, Presence and Prosperity. I believe that spirituality and hard work are the keys to success and that light woOur standarrkers, healers should be compensated for their work. I have learned from mentoring so many people on the past that you really need more support after you become certified which is why a 3 week mentorship is included in your training. We strive to help you heal, unearth and unlock your full potential while doing what you love, serving others and making a lot of money doing it! Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. See you on the mat!


MItzi Henderson
Spiritual Badass & Yoga Boss
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I understand the total cost of the Namitzi Yoga Level 1 200 HR teacher training is $5505.00. Early Bird Pricing is $5,000.00 if paid in full by start date. I also understand that I will be required to sign a legally binding contract and will be responsible for any remaining fees shall I decide to withdraw. *
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