NY Institute of Health & Spirituality Yoga Teacher Training
We are a Registered Yoga School located in Historic Third ward District in Houston, Texas. I believe in that in order to share healing with others , you must be healed yourself. We spend weeks unearthing and unpacking to that you can be fully present and thrive in this experience. You will experience a shift mentally , physically, emotionally and financially and be empowered to share your experience with others. No matter which Immersion you choose our programs are the most comprehensive and supportive that you will find. Our online students receive live classes and lectures weekly and support from fellow students and faculty in our private online community. Even online you still experience our community.
You will learn:
Yoga Philosophy
Yoga History
Meditation & Pranayama 
Ashtanga Vinyasa
Self Transformation
Anatomy &  Physiology
Trauma informed Yoga
Yoga Therapy
Emotional Intelligence
The Business of Yoga and so much more...

Our standards exceed Yoga Alliance Requirements and we have a really special" thing" that makes us so different from other immersions, Presence and Prosperity. I believe that spirituality and hard work are the keys to success and that light workers, healers should be compensated for their work, because of who I am and what I have learned from mentoring so many people on the past, a 3 week mentorship is included in your training. We strive to help you heal, unearth and unlock your full potential while doing what you love, serving others and making a lot of money doing it! Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make.
I can't wait to meet you!
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I understand that a non - refundable administrative fee is required and a down payment USD for a total of $1500.00 USD is required once my application is approved to secure my space for the Yoga, SEL and Mindfulness Training, and a "For the 200 hour/ 300hr Immersion or Online Training 2020. The total cost of the Namitzi Yoga Level 1 200 HR teacher training is $5505.00. Level 2 is $7500 Early Bird Pricing is $5,000.00 if paid in full by February 1st,2020. I understand that I will be required to sign a legally binding contract and will be responsible for any remaining fees shall I decide to withdraw. *
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