Child Restraint Advice | 15-min Pre-Consultation Questionnaire
If you're looking to buy a new car seat, please fill out this checklist so that our certified child passenger safety technicians can thoroughly discuss your options with you. This will ensure correct products are offered and that they are suitable for your child, while meeting your needs. If you would like a printable version to take to a retail shop or baby fair, please go to

Remember - it’s dangerous to use a second hand car seat because
(1) it could be damaged to the point where it won’t protect your child in an accident, and this damage is not always visible (nor disclosed by the seller),
(2) the seat may be missing important parts and/or the manual
(3) the seat may have expired and won’t be able to protect your child in an accident

Please note — this form is for ONE child’s seat; please use a separate form for each child.

This form will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

We're collecting this data from you so we can assist you in identifying suitable child restraints that suit your child, your vehicle and your lifestyle. We won't pass this information to anyone unless you expressly give us permission.
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In completing this form, and receiving any subsequent advice or recommendations from Taxi Baby Co, you understand that you are responsible for the selection, installation, usage and maintenance of any car seat that you use. You agree to hold harmless Taxi Baby Co. from any and all liabilities and damages for any injuries, including death, arising from your use of a car seat.
WhatsApp number *
One of our head car seat techs will reply to you on WhatsApp. Please include your full WhatsApp number (including country code) but without the ‘+’ symbol. For example, our hotline number (+65 9070 3351) would be 6590703351.
We need to be sure that your car seat fits your child now, and gives them some room to grow in the future (so you don't have to buy a new seat too soon). Knowing your child's metrics (below) can help the retail assistant select an appropriate seat AND fit the seat to your child without you needing to bring your child to the store (because we know how much fun that can be!).
Child's nickname
This is just for reference in case we need to discuss multiple children - feel free to use a nickname.
Child's age *
Child's height *
Child's weight *
If the child is currently using a car seat, please mention the make and model, and your reason for changing. *
What do you like and dislike about your current car seat (or your current mode of restraining them in a vehicle)? *
What’s your budget? *
Do you have a preference for forward facing or rear facing car seats, and why?
Rear facing car seats are five times safer than forward facing car seats. We strongly recommend children ride rear facing until at least 2 years of age, preferably at least 4 years of age and ideally longer.
Would you be willing to let us write a blog article about the solution your family chose?
We’re here to help families identify and choose solutions which allow them to travel more safely and more easily with their kids. If you’ve spent countless hours googling options, then you know first hand how difficult it can be to find answers. We’d love to share your story within our community to help more families. :-)
Which vehicles do you need to use this seat in?
Over the following sections, we'll ask which car(s) you need to use the car seat in. It helps us understand which seats will be compatible with your car and whether you need an option that can easily be moved from one car to another. The following options include: Father's car, Mother's car, friend/relative's car, taxi/Grab, and school bus.
Do you need to use this car seat in the Mother's car?
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