Museomix Belgium 2020 Edition
Let's face it: 2020 isn't a year like any other.

However, the challenges that museums are facing today form precisely the core of Museomix action: participation, visitors' engagement, technology and co-creation.
In this context, considering the uncertainty of being allowed to organise our event "as we know it", hosted in an actual museum, we decided to...hack our Museomix Belgium 2020 edition !

And because we love not only to think outside the box but also to think big, this year's Museomix edition will :

- be a multi-museum one! Several museums will be chosen and they will work together, with us, to co-create a magical event
- happen in a 'neutral' space ! The objective of this is to not burden the logistics of the event all on one museum
- tackle thematics/playgrounds shared by different museums today and likely to stay crucial for the future

Excited already? Because we are!

Never heard of Museomix Belgium? Be sure to check our website :
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Who in your team could help with the co-creation of this event (name, function)? How much time could they dedicate to Museomix ? *
You've just been showered with a lot of questions... And we thank you for answering to them all :)! Now, you maybe have some for us and here is the space to drop them ! Thank you very much for your participation !!
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