PrestaBay Integration survey - 2016
In order to improve our service, we want to ask you to fill our feedback survey. We will be grateful if you can fill this form. Filling this form is anonymous, however, if you want you can fill Name and Email field at the bottom of the form.

Thank you for your time.

How satisfied are you with PrestaBay Integration module
How satisfied are you with Technical Support provided by Involic Team
Could you please describe your experience talking with Technical support and working with PrestaBay Integration
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What features of PrestaBay module you would like to improve
Could you please describe what would you like to improve in the features above
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Bellow you can find list of features that we have plan to implement. Please mark features that important for you.
What ebay marketplaces you use?
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In what language you use PrestaBay? How you are satisfied with module localization?
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How you know about new module version available?
How often did you like to receive module updates?
How easy and smooth update process is happening for you?
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