2019 Sh'BANG Art Installation Application
Thank you for applying to create an installation at Sh'BANG! Each year we receive more interest and excitement from artists, and so we'll be curating the show for the best quality and diversity among projects. To choose among applicants, we'll be considering many factors, including: the medium, your locale, innovation in the act, etc. Ideally the festival will feature a wide range of installations from artists of diverse backgrounds.

Sh'BANG: A Festival of Ideas!
September 6, 7, 8, 2019

Lookout Arts Quarry
246 Old Hwy 99N


Sh'BANG is not like most festival models! It’s a festival made by artists for artists and is primarily volunteer run! Sh'BANG supports the creation and development of infrastructure for the Lookout Arts Quarry. If your installation is selected, you will have access to on-site parking and camping, as well as delicious organic food from our volunteer kitchen!

Installations are generally built during Sh'build! (Aug 30th - Sept 5th 2019) Sh'build is an opportunity to immerse in creative collaboration alongside other artists while camping, eating delicious organic meals, jumping in the water for swim breaks, and steaming by night in the sauna. If you need more time than this to build your work please let us know and we will see what we can do to accommodate.

Unless prior arrangements are made, all art installations must be dismantled and taken off site within three days time.

Applications must be received by April 15th to be considered, and we will contact all applicants by May 15th with the results. If you are applying for multiple different projects, please fill out our application for each that you'd like us to consider.

If you have questions, contact us at: performers@shbangfest.com

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Are you proposing as a crew/team? If so, please list the number of artists in your team, and if known, list them by name (separated by commas)
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This could be an artist website or simply a blog with images of your creations. If you have nothing online, you will need to send video or images via e-mail to: performers (at) lookoutarts (dot) com
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Describe in detail the art installation you would like to offer, including the footprint measurements, materials you hope to use and where they will be sourced from, any planned collaborations with performers, and anything else we should know ~
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Proposed Location
If you are familiar with our site, is there any particular place you'd like to install?
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Onsite tech & equipment needs
Do you require on-site heavy equipment support? Will you be bringing your own tools or do you require use of ours? What other on-site technical support (ie. electrical needs, lighting, sound, etc) will you require? Be specific ~
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If you'll need funding, please outline a budget breakdown
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Sh'build will run from Aug 30th - Sept 5th, but advance arrangements can be made if you'll need more time!
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