1 to 1 Life Strategy Sessions with Lucia Questionnaire
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How many hours a month do you dedicate to wellness and leadership training?
How do you correlate your happiness to the results in your life and work? *
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Do you make active use of your calendar to bring balance to your life and work?
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How much do you love yourself? *
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Not at all
What is your level of emotional awareness? In essence, are you able to control your emotions (proactive), or are your emotions controlling you (reactive)? *
I don't know how to control how I feel
I am a master at understanding and controlling my emotions
Are you able to manage your own time or is time managing you? *
I can't control time
I create my own experience
What is your relationship with money? *
I am totally misaligned with my finances
Thriving and looking for growth
What is your relationship with work? *
I feel unfulfilled with my business/job
I am in my purpose and love and thrive in what I do
What is your relationship to your body? *
I don't take care of my physical health
I invest in wellness and look after myself every week
What is your relationship with food? *
I don't pay attention to my nutrition
I pay attention and take great care of the foods I ingest
What is your relationship with yourself *
What is your relationship with your family? *
What is your relationship with your romantic relationships? *
I struggle
I am aligned and love the person I get to share my journey with
How aligned are you with the goals and results you want to achieve in life today? *
I don't know what I want
I am already thriving and want to experience the next level
What are the top 3 challenges you are facing right now? *
Are you willing to see your challenges through to the end and not give up easily? *
What would be your #1 goal today for engaging in life strategy coaching sessions with Lucia? *
Do you believe with next-level capabilities that you can achieve your next level in life? *
Are you willing to invest in yourself and experience transformation in your life? *
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