Pupil Survey Sharks
How much do you enjoy your school this year?
Not at all
Tick your 3 favourite subjects
Which feedback from teachers helps you most?
Verbal feedback while I work
Comments written on my work
Mathletics tasks being reset
Marking work together
Test result
Helps loads
Helps quite a lot
Not very helpful
Do you feel you have enough guidance from teachers about how you can improve?
Do you feel work is usually set to stretch and not aimed at panic or comfort?
What changes would you suggest to improve teaching and learning in Shark class?
Your answer
What do you like most about your teachers and learning this year?
Your answer
Do you feel your parents are happy with what your teachers do for you?
Do you think your classroom appearance and decor needs improving or is already nice?
Needs improving
Looks and feels nice
If you could change the classroom, what would you do to improve learning, motivation and enjoyment?
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How do you feel about the new behaviour plan and the St Andrew's Way?
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Is there anything else you would like to mention about your school life?
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Thank you
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