Lao Junior & Student Golf Showcase Grant Application
You are applying for an exemption to the National Lao Junior/Student Golf Showcase in Las Vegas, NV during the National Championship in October 2017.

The National Lao Golf Assoc., 501(c)(3), will grant up to 8 junior and/or student golfers to participate at the Annual National Lao Golf Championship.

Contacts: SithNoy 952-451-2774, Ace 214-909-6654, Perry 503-209-5824, Bounvilay 515-991-4802, Nuny 801-712-2119, Det 714-721-4657, Troy 321-439-3284
Parent or Guardian Name *
First and Last Name
Student's Name *
First and Last Name
Ethnicity: Laotian and/or a descendant of any of the multi-Laotian ethnic group. *
Qualification: Must be at least a quarter (1/4 or 25%) Laotian and a descendant of any of the multi-laotian ethnic group.
Home Address *
123 Main St., Main City, Maine 12345
Gender *
Date of Birth *
G.P.A *
SAT Score (if any)
Family Income
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Parent or Guardian Contact
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Parent or Guardian Contact
Handicap: *
Your student must be able to shoot under the score of 85 playing 18 holes. Or have handicap under 13.
Essays must be 200-500 words *
What is your goal in life and describe how the National Lao Golf Association can help you achieve your goal.
Parent/Guardian(s): Important Notes - All element of the application will be read thoroughly and evaluated by the National Lao Golf Association committee so the selection of participants is as fair and un-biased as possible. *
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