Airdrop 2.0/Bounty Rules
1. Register for an account over at
2. Join our Telegram group
3. Airdrop 2.0/bounty program period starts on the 17th of July and ends on the 31st of August 2019. Spreadsheet along with the verified payouts will be posted here, post verification of all actions.
4. Payouts will be distributed only after all verifications are complete. Please be patient.
5. Multiple entries, entries by fake/spam accounts will be disqualified.
6. Our team reserves the right to disqualify any entries we suspect of fraudulence or foul play.
7. Our team reserves the right to alter any rules of the program at any point of time. (Changes will be announced here)
8. Follow all instructions closely to avoid any errors in verification.
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Join our Telegram group and provide your Telegram ID below for verification purposes. Your Telegram ID will also be your referral code (@Username)
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Follow our Twitter account at Provide your Twitter handle below for verification purposes.
Facebook Profile Link
Like and follow our Facebook page at Provide your Facebook profile link below for verification purposes. Try not to alter your Facebook profile name at any point of the airdrop to reduce verification errors.
Retweet Link
Like and retweet our airdrop 2.0/bounty tweet ( with the hashtag #Bitpunter #bounty and paste the link of your retweet below. Removing/deleting the tweet before the end of the airdrop will forfeit your reward.
Facebook Shared Post Link
Like and share our explainer video on Facebook with regards to our transaction mining model ( *Remember to include the original post! Paste the link of your shared post below. Removing/deleting the post before the end of the airdrop will forfeit your reward.
Bitpunter Account Referral Code
Please provide your Bitpunter account referral code. Do double check your submission as corrections to invalid codes will not be entertained.
Token Payout *
Choose where you wish to have your tokens paid out to. If you choose the option of an external Ethereum wallet, please provide the wallet address below.
Ethereum Wallet Address
Please provide your Ethereum wallet address. Do double check your submission as corrections to invalid addresses will not be entertained.
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