New Scrap Vendor Agreement              
                                 Please read the following Scrap Agreement Terms carefully.

                                               ****SCRAP AGREEMENT TERMS****

*Please be sure your site has appropriate access for our trucks/equipment (e.g. no overhead power lines, firm ground, area to turn around, etc.)

1. For live-load jobs there is a fee for each truck per hour and the clock starts from the scrap yard to the customer's site and back to the yard. Prices are as follows:

    * Pick Truck:  $150/hour
    * Roll-off Truck:  $150/hour
    * Tractor with Dump/Flat:  $150/hour

2. The price for the materials is our CURRENT LIST PRICE, which can be seen on our website. Prices are subject to change based on the mill scrap market prices.
3. Containers picked up with over 8,000 lbs. of recyclable metal in them have no charge for the container or the service, and we will pay for the scrap metal.
4. Containers picked up with 4,000 to 8,000 lbs. will result in a $150 charge for each trip, and you will still receive payment for the scrap metal.
5. Containers picked up with less than 4,000 lbs. will result in a $150 charge for each trip, but no payment for the scrap metal.
6. Dump or flat trailers picked up with less than 20,000 lbs. will result in a charge of $175 for each pickup.
7. Damage to equipment or other charges incurred will be billed to the customer at cost, including labor required to correct problems.
8. Containers picked up by us for our company use WILL NOT result in light bin charges.
9. Dry runs (service requested but then a change is made after the driver leaves to provide service, container(s) not accessible to our driver, change in hours of operation are not made known) will result in a $175 charge for each trip.
10. Containers that are dropped and then pulled with only one load of scrap will result in a $175 charge.
11. Any non-scrap metal items, such as dirt, concrete, rock, garbage, wood, plastic, etc. will result in a reduction in the net weight of the materials in the container. (*Excessive amounts could result in charges.) Pictures of these items will be taken and emailed promptly.
12. We will make every attempt to swap, pull, and empty & return containers with at least 2 business day notice.
13. Containers should be filled and ready for swap in two months or less. **If not, there will be a $100 per month demurrage charge for the container after the second month.**
14. If the light fixtures have a ballast attached, they will be at zero value.  If the ballasts are not attached the fixtures will be at the same value as the listed shredder price.

Payment will be the 10th day of the month following the month in which all material was picked up.
We can email you a settlement report within two working days of receiving a container, showing the total weight received and the total amount you can expect to be paid.

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