Distance Learning Feedback Form (Please complete one for each child in your family who attends Arcadia)
As we start thinking about and planning for next year, we want to gather feedback from families about their distance learning experience. Please let us know what your experience was like, what you feel we should keep, and what we might improve! :)
Child's Grade
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How did you feel about the structure of the school day during distance learning?
Did your child experience any technical difficulties during distance learning that prevented them from accessing school?
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How do you feel about the amount of time your child spent on schoolwork?
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How much time did you spend helping your child with school work each day (on average)?
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Please rate the Arcadia distance learning experience on the following:
Below Average
Communication from your child's teachers.
Clear expectations for completion of assignments.
Quality of the assignments and activities.
Communication from the Director.
The overall experience of distance learning at Arcadia.
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Do you have any additional comments about your family's experience during distance learning?
Is there anyone you would like to recognize for their work during distance learning?
If you would like to follow up with Laura on your family's experience of distance learning, please include your contact information:
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