Buffalo Mesh Net Survey
A survey to determine needs and locations for a wireless mesh network in WNY.
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What area are you located in? *
Zip code for your place of residence
Where do you currently have access to the Internet? *
How many adults in your household? *
Number of adults in your household, spouse or otherwise.
How many children in your household? *
Number of children in your household, dependents or otherwise.
Are you the head of the household? *
What types of applications would you like to see on the network? *
These are apps that are internal-only, and not externally available (ie, no Netflix, etc).
If internet was available in a limited fashion, what site(s) would you deem to be most important to have available? *
These are websites that you would consider crucial to be able to access from the mesh network.
Where do you see yourself using the mesh network? *
This would be the location you primarily would be using the services on the network.
Would you participate in an in-person community meeting, to determine wants and needs for the community mesh network? *
If there was a meeting to discuss the mesh, would you attend?
Do you have roof access in your primary residence?
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Do you own, or rent your home?
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