Playfight Academy - application form is a very specific lineage of bodywork, different from any other playfighting style. It is a unique practice, a tool of transformation that goes beyond playing and fighting. We work with the body, with emotions and also with healing of old traumatic experiences.

This is why facilitating Playfight Circles is a unique and wonderful art that requires strong commitment to be in service for others and to learn specific skills that will allow you to hold safe and transformative spaces.

In order to support you to develop these skills and to guarantee the quality of the work offered under the name of we created Playfight Academy, the training frame designed to support you to become a certified Playfight Facilitator.

This is the application form to the Playfight Academy, and in particular to the Playfight Facilitator Training Program.

If you prefer you can answer to the questions in Italian, Portuguese or Spanish.

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