Volunteer Feedback Form 2019
Hello volunteers! Have questions, ideas, or comments you'd like to share with us before Summerfolk44! Let us know here! We want to hear from you! Fill out as much or as little information as you please!
How many years have you been involved with Summerfolk?
What crews have you been on in the past if applicable?
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If you have volunteered before, what did you enjoy most about the volunteering experience?
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What makes you want to volunteer with Summerfolk each year?
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Are there any areas that you think needs to be improved in regards to volunteering at the festival?
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What keeps you coming back to Summerfolk each year?
What form of communication works best for you?
If you would like to further discuss your answers or provide more feedback please contact the GBFS office at 519-371-2995 or at sfvolunteers76@gmail.com.
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