Lunch Time Fun Event Feedback
Any interest in the following lunch time fun events
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Jackbox Party Games. I stream the game screen live, everyone plays on their device. Eight in the game, the rest vote in the audience and sway the points! *
CHESS. I can setup a Chess Room where players could play Mr.Playter (I am average player, maybe a bit above, but nothing special, just love the game) and/or each other. Even Multiple games at a time. *
I want to see the "Fortnite Flop" and see Mr.Playter attempt to play Fortnite (I have only every tried it twice, once solo and once duo with my son...I am really bad). Will use Twitch or YouTube Live to stream. *
I want to see Mr.Playter team up with 3 of my classmates as a challenge for them to see if they can carry the team and help Mr.P survive because he is not a gamer and so bad at *
Finally, if you have any suggestions for an appropriate break from the daily grind of distance learning, please let me know.
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