Letters of Recommendation Requests
Guidelines for Marquez's Letters of Recommendation
Please follow the steps below if you would like me to write a college recommendation letter:

1) Ask me in person to write a letter for you. Do not send an email or have your parents request a letter for you. Please do not ask me to write a letter if you received lower than a ā€œCā€ in my class or violated the honor code. Choose teachers that will put you in the best light possible and highlight your strengths.
*If you haven't come by to see me and catch up, start with that first. I teach over 200 students per year. If you want a personal letter of recommendation, I would know you on a level other than your test scores in my grade book*
*If your behavior was anything less than stellar in my class, find another teacher to write the letter for you. I used my time and energy correcting your behavior instead of saving it for this recommendation :(

2) Once I have agreed to write a letter for you, please complete the form below. Do not complete the form unless we have spoken in person.

3) If you are a current junior, I would like all paper work no later than May. Only provide addressed envelopes and stamps if your college does not make use of electronic submissions.
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