DM 2017-2018 Dancer Relations Chair Application
Dance Marathon at FGCU is seeking a Dancer Relations Chair to recruit the best dancers and dancer teams that DM has ever seen! This person needs to fully understand the vision of Dance Marathon and our long-term goals as DM at FGCU in order to maximize the experience of every single person who invests their time, energy, and/or resources For The Kids!

• This person will be responsible for recruiting dancer teams by contacting Greek and other Non-Greek Student Organizations and/or by tabling on campus.
• This person will be responsible for keeping all dancers and dancer teams informed and updated prior to the 13.1-hour DM event by holding Dancer Representative, Dance Team Captains, and Dancer meetings.
• This person will oversee all rules and regulations related to Spirit Points awarded for fundraising, participation, competitions, etc.
• This person will assist with the registration and check-in process at all pre-events, as well as at the 13.1-hour DM event.
• This person will create and maintain the dancer and dancer team database, including a list of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year dancers for recognition at the 13.1-hour event.
• This person will work with the Logistics Chair to recruit volunteers for all DM events, including pre-events and the 13.1-hour DM event.

Requirements and Skills:
• Must be a registered, full-time FGCU student taking 9 credit hours at the undergraduate or graduate level.
• Must currently have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA in Spring of 2017 and throughout the 2017-2018 academic year.
• Be in good academic and disciplinary standing.
• Must be able to commit to this role for the entire year, including fall, spring, and until the next DM Executive Board and Chairpersons are selected.
• Must not be studying abroad during fall or spring semesters.
• Must possess strong communications skills and be able to speak in front of a crowd.
• Must not be afraid to reach out to other student organizations via email, phone, or in-person meetings.
• Must be a team player and ready to collaborate with the entire Management Team and Executive Board to make DM as meaningful as it can be for everyone.
• Must constantly be thinking of ways we can improve and grow Dance Marathon; having a ton of innovative and creative ideas for the growth of dancer teams, fundraising, events, and recognitions.
• Must be FTK!

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