2021 - 2022 MCGATE Committee Volunteers
Maryland Coalition for Gifted and Talented Education (MCGATE) is a state affiliate organization of the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) whose purpose is:

*To advocate for an appropriate education and services to meet the needs of diverse gifted and talented learners throughout the state of Maryland.
*To educate families, caregivers, and the community about the needs of the gifted and talented.
*To support local associations dedicated to the interests of the gifted and talented.
*To inform local, state, and other public and private institutions about the needs of gifted and talented individuals.
*To promote advocacy and action at local, state, and national levels.
*To facilitate a statewide communications network to implement these goals.

We are seeking interested volunteers to serve on various committees. Committee members must be paid members of MCGATE. Volunteer time varies for each committee and time of the year. As a group operating wholly by volunteers, your time is appreciated and valued for any commitment you can make. Committee membership will be solicited annually, and the commitment is for one year, with the possibility of renewing your committee assignment. Terms are for one year from August 1 - July 31 and members may be re-appointed.

Committee members are encouraged to attend quarterly board meetings (September, January, April and July) in person or virtually. Committees may meet face to face or online between board meetings to accomplish tasks. Committee members will maintain regular communication via email and other electronic means.

The President will appoint a chair for each committee. Committee chairs serve as members of the Board of Directors and are expected attend all quarterly Board meetings and take a leadership role in the organization

Committee membership vacancies:
Legislative Advocacy Committee
Membership Committee
Social Media and Communications Committee
Education and Outreach Committee

Interested volunteers should complete the application form online no later than July 30. Please select your top two committee choices.
If you have questions, please contact MCGATE at info@mcgate.org. See our website at https://www.mcgate.org/
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Legislative Committee
The Legislative Committee creates and disseminates information to our membership and the community regarding legislation and policy that impact gifted and talented students in Maryland. Tasks may include the following:

* Monitor and report local school system policy changes, call for community input, and open forums to the chair for dissemination to our members.
* Monitor state and national policies and procedures that could impact gifted learners in MD.
* Provides articles and links to the Social Media and Communications Chair for the newsletter, website, Twitter and Facebook related to policy and advocacy.
* Performs other duties as assigned by the Legislative Committee Chair.
Membership Committee
The Membership Committee works to increase and promote MCGATE membership. Committee tasks may include the following:

* Propose new membership benefits to the committee chair.
* Facilitate relationships with other organizations that share a common interest.
* Maintain an updated list of local parent advisory groups across the state and their contact person.
* Distribute information about MCGATE/applications at local education events as appropriate.
Social Media and Communications Committee
The Social Media and Communications Committee works with the chair to manage an online presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook and maintain or edit material for the MCGATE website and newsletters. Other committee responsibilities may include the following:

* Manage online communication by posting frequently to MCGATE’s Facebook page, LinedIn group, and Twitter
* Review and approve content submitted for distribution to members via newsletter, website and social media
* Work with the social media and communications committee, Executive Committee and other committee chairs to create and or edit material for six e-newsletters per year.
* Recommend new communications strategies or social media tools as technology evolves.
Education and Outreach Committee
The Education and Outreach Committee works with Institutes of Higher Education in Maryland, MSDE, private schools and homeschool groups, and local education agencies as appropriate to promote MCGATE and to determine current needs and issues related to educating gifted and talented students that may guide MCGATE action. Other responsibilities may include the following:

* Provides the Legislative Committee Chair and Social Media and Communications Committee Chair with research and information on current trends and issues related to gifted and talented education.
* Works with the Legislative Advocacy Committee on the annual student essay contest.
* Committee members are encouraged to attend and represent MCGATE at the annual MSDE Gifted and Talented Education Awards Reception and MEGS conference. If MCGATE has a vendor table, this committee may distribute MCGATE information and membership forms at these events along with the membership committee.
* This committee may be a point of contact for local education agencies or parent groups that request a professional speaker for workshops or events.
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